Thursday, February 3, 2011

survival from "WORSE"

This is the first time when I am confused bout what to write... :)

life is very strange.. it gives you things/people you run from... and eventually you learn to live with them...

... things change from nothing much to something something and then so much one day... that it changes you.
they say, "road not travelled is not travelled for some reason".  ... i say,"its a matter of choices we make"... like a game of profit n loss..
we choose the path that provides us with maximum benefit n minimum loss.. but a rule of nature we tend to forget... things visible to eyes need not be so always... so is true for people.

I'd rather say life is a calculated move than a path decided by nature.. I hereby support covey's 90/10 law... 10% depends on the things that happen to you while 90% depends on how you react towards them.

Someone said to me once, "THINGS ARE NOT WORSE, ITS US WHO MAKE 'EM WORSE"...
:) and I finally learnt to deal with them,.. there's nothing "worse" that doesn't have a way... we just need to adapt ourselves... things seem worse coz they don't conform to our comfort zone... to our zone of belief.. to our subconscious patterns of belief...

The day you accept "worse" as right, is the day you have the key to survival.
All you need to do is re-programme your patterns of belief.. re-classify your standards of right and wrong.

It took me sometime to understand this,. but I re-programmed my subconscious to a level that I can act differently with each person I meet, I can re-program their thoughts/views of good or bad, mean or generous on my will as well as their attachment levels towards me,  in the way I want, and can change myself very rapidly... in a snap.  ..  [ exception to this are the people who know the real you so very well and trust you in a manner that they can easily differentiate the superficial and deep within you... the real n fake within you... and such people are immune to whatever you do to re-program their belief/thought bout you.. ]

And.. now I'm very happy... I let/make  things/people go..  I don't let anyone try to understand me
( they don't need to, coz at the end of the day its me who need to understand myself) ... when I want, I project myself completely insane or sane at my will.. safe from the brutal world I am comfortable with my zone of solitude and sanity that lies within me and cannot be reached by anyone.... and this is how I manage to keep and solve my "worse" in the best possible way and without getting the dirty laundry exposed.

key to success: Stagnant water stinks and  is see through,.. never let yourself stagnate.