Friday, October 28, 2011


A life so steady is sitting on a rockstone, yet moving at a windy pace I couldn’t realize…

When we think that time has got stagnant, the clock ticks away in seconds and suddenly we realize that a few memories back it was “Just a few yrs. Ago..” ; “We’re still to grow up”.

We travel an age thinking to ourselves that we’re still to grow up, we learn to play games, we learn to expect, we learn how not to expect, we learn what is responsibility, we learn to love, we learn to dream of a life ahead. And yet, we refuse to grow up. There’s still a baby left in the inside of us… and then slowly we learn to go on, we learn to let go and the life moves on..

I wonder if we all have an inner void left within us. We grow comfortable with that void, but still that loneliness haunts us no matter what.

I asked a question to a friend some time back: “ What would you do if you’re left in a room with everything white??? How would you feel?? … and he answered: “I’ll paint it, fill in colors.”
But I wonder if someone has a soul empty life this, how do they paint it?? How to fill in the loneliness of that soul.?? So many times its easy to keep ourselves busy, but its very hard to sit idle with a lonely heart, lonely soul and dead emotions.