Friday, July 27, 2012



Well I’m a person who spent most of my life alone. Whatever I’ve learnt about people is basically via observation. I’d sit in a corner of the room and watch people talk, laugh, cry, happy or sad. And now is a state when I look at people and know who is heart broken and who is having love in the air. But there was one thing very peculiar about everyone I met- “the way they’d connect to me.”

A very disadvantage of just observing life is that you believe what comes your way. And BELIEF says “believe in the impossible because miracles happen with the power of belief”. Yes that’s how I was… a person with the highest standards of belief system. I believed that it’s a man’s talent and hard work that takes him to success. I believed what matters most in a relationship is trust and love. I believed that the purest form of being exists in being good friends. But God is a good and a patient teacher and I’m a slow learner.

I made thousands of friends… and followed my beliefs with pure honesty. People came, made friends with me, lied to me, hurt me, when their work was done they left. And the belief system?????? FAILED!!!! Each and every time this happened until one day the definition changed to reality: “the whole world is a transaction. If you’re good at giving, you must be good at taking. Only then the balance is maintained.”

So many times I’ve seen that an innocent girl loves a guy but the guy loves some other. Observing the innocent girl I could tell she was well natured, cultured, simple who loved with all her heart and soul. “Then why?” she asked me... “why doesn’t he love me??” … I couldn’t say but I knew the answer. She was a “plain jane”.. She wasn’t sexy, she wasn’t shrewd. Her love and emotions never appealed the guy. And the belief system????? FAILED!!!! .. the new definition was: “Not just trust and talent, you must be sexually appealing to win a heart’s attention.”

As a dentist I know how hard I work everyday to restore the dental wellbeing of my patients. But when I walk down the road I see labors working so hard even when the summer hours are at peak. And that’s the time I wonder if hard work matters much. .. In the professional atmosphere when I see a person gaining advantage just by means of good contacts I wonder if talent costs anything in the world. And once again my belief system????? FAILED!!!! .. and once again the definition changed : only smart-work leads a person to success and not hard work.

After struggling with my emotions for about 20 yrs I’ve finally learnt that its not one’s nature that makes them beautiful.. Its one’s sex appeal that attracts the hungry beast. Its not love and care and emotions that matter, it’s the brain that plays it all. My belief system??? FAILED. Because my friends got whatever they wanted from me but I was stupid enough to believe all lies.

We blame the world that people cheat us.. but actually that was us who made mistakes. WE forgot the basic belief system of the eco-system: “SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST”.