Monday, January 28, 2013


Short story by Dr.Prerna Singla.

Getting up in d morning and having the view of orange sky n rising sun feels more fresh as compared to a cup of coffee that helps to open my eyes.. specially the cool breeze. “life is really beautiful” I was thinking to myself and just thn my mom called me, asked me for a cup of tea. Awwhhh!!! And my “life is so beautiful” was over as soon as it started. The busy scheduled called up after the peaceful morning tea with my parents. Yes I’m a big girl, yet live with my parents and I love it.

Work is work, as a professional I never mix my personal and professional life. I never really make friends with my patients, it helps me handle their pain n problems better. But that day I couldn’t. An emergency ran in.. A little child with third degree burns due to accidental bursting of a petrol tank on a Petrol pump. I was to handle the case. Kid was about 11-12yrs old. No one knew his name, no one knew where he came from, how was he there at the petrol pump during the accident? So I literally had nothing on my “Case history” except for the burnt kid. Treatment started within no time. After a while, the kid returned to his senses. “Thank god!!” I took a sigh of relief.

He was crying. Crying terribly. Was in hell of pain. Out of pain He held my hand very tightly. His skin was terribly burnt like layers of burnt paper stacked together. Doctors and nurses running in and out, we all trying to save the unknown kids life. With trembling lips he told his name “babu”.. and I was there struggling to keep out of any bonding. Yet staying there, with this little kid, trying to calm him down, make him feel better.. restless .. I was.

After my duty hours ended I returned home, but my mind was still there… still restless.. still disturbed.. somehow I still cared. Somehow my professional and personal life wasn’t separate. “how was ur day??” my dad asked. “terrible” I said… I told them bout the day and wondered to myself how a beautiful day suddenly turned into such a dreadful experience. “C’mon I’m a doctor, I see these things everyday.. Just calm down. I’ve seen even worse. Just calm down!!.” I said to myself..

But… before going to bed while chanting my everyday prayers I said “ohh god plz heal the kid soon, plz take his pain away.”…

 if pain is so bad why is it even there????? If disease/wound is so bad why is it even ther???? Why is sadness ther n suffering too if they’re all bad??? Yes, the tears, the pain of lil kid affected me, I was bonded. And that’s whn I realize that life is both gud and bad but in all life is really beautifull. Its filled with all emotions.. happy sad pain suffering celebrations jealousy hatred love care… everything.. and we live it everyday, every moment. We hav people all around ourselves who give us these feelings, but they actually complete our life. Yes!!! Lil complete lil deficient but my life is really beautiful.

Bible says: don’t worry bout tomorrow, enough for the day is its own worries. I was done with my worries for the day. For the other day I now knew that it will worry bout it on its own coz I knew whn the kid entered the hospital, he was there to be healed. Things were never gonna stagnate, they always hav something decided by life.