Tuesday, April 29, 2014


They say that you play the cards dealt in your hand by life. Does that really mean you win if you get a winning hand and you lose if you get a losing hand??? Or is it about the way you deal the cards??? You are either a winner or you lose and are designated a loser. Loser!!! Shameful thing!!!???? Or you gather your courage, try try try again least you fail and now you are no longer a loser coz you stood up each time to fight again, to win again and the definition of a loser turns to someone who never tries. Is it possible that someone never tries to play the cards dealt by life??  Or may be to win the game you bribe the opponent or the one who is dealing the cards and take the winning cards. Or maybe you trick the opponent into losing by malicious ways.  I wonder if it is always about losing???? Is it always about winning??? Or is it how you play the game that matters???? Or being tagged a sinner/saint, rich/poor, good/bad, positive/negative, and winner/loser???

What decides the battle??? How do I decide that I won and the other person lost?? Money? Power? Survival? Love? I am richer than you are, so I am a winner??? Candidate “A” won the elections, so he is a winner over all others??? XYZ won the cricket match, so they r the winners??? Or a tiger killing a deer for food is a winner, or maybe the deer escaping its death is the winner?? He always has an upper hand in love, he dominates so he is the winner??? “A” is prettier as compared to “B”, so “A” is better??? So those who attain something or anything at all are the winner? And all others are losers???

If winning is all that matters then why are we taught sacrifice??? Love is a selfless deed; you sacrifice for the one you love. Things are just material possessions; a noble man gives them to others. One must never harm other being for money or power. A tiger must not kill only then he is a saint or a deer must never try to escape and sacrifice his life for the hungry cubs of the tiger. In other words, you choose to lose for them. Or maybe you are forced to choose that. Right from the moment your brain starts working, people start teaching you the concepts of good n bad, win n lose. Or maybe all this crap was written by some wicked people so that they can win and you lose by your own will thinking that you are being a saint by doing that and your soul will be placed in heaven for doing so.

Has anybody seen heaven while still being alive?? Or even if after death they went to heaven/hell, nobody returned to narrate the tales of the same. Is it not said that heaven n hell exist on the earth itself and a man creates them by his deeds. Ohh again it goes!! Heaven/hell; good deeds/bad deeds.

I read somewhere written “well behaved women never made history.” Now if I wanna create history, should I muse over the said or should I think about women like mother Teresa who made history with good deeds?? Making history!!! Again sounds like something about winning.

Whatever it is, a complicated thing that confuses people into choosing the winning hand or losing hand; feels like the nature gives you an option to choose for yourself. In the end the question remains the same. Does winning matter?? Or losing does? I closed my eyes and asked myself the question “after all what matters???” .. And my soul answered “It's satisfaction that matters. Neither wining, nor losing nor how u played but whatever you did, were you satisfied in the end????? And when I die I’d like to utter to myself before that last breath that “YESS!! I am satisfied”.

©Dr. Prerna Singla, 2016