Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Article by Dr. Prerna Singla

Some time ago I saw a movie “Oh My God!” and one of the last dialogues of the movie got pasted in the memory of my Brain that I could never forget till date. The dialogue said, “They are not God-Loving people, they are God Fearing people. ”

As a part of my daily routine I went to the temple early in the morning. Being my Birthday it was a special day for me but that little time divulged to me a very important marketing strategy. . I enchanted the daily prayers, The Gayatri Mantra and after I was done with my prayers I went to the Pandit (Priest) to take the Prasad.

I thought for a minute and then said, “I have an exam tomorrow. I’m scared. What do I do to pass the exam.??” I asked again.

“Pray to God that you be able to perform well in exam and also that you’ll offer a dry coconut every Monday and Prasad of Rupees 11 if you passed. God will surely help you pass.”, replied the priest.

Thoughtfully I went off. I don’t say I didn’t believe the Priest. At some point I did. Some point where it concerned my wellbeing, where it concerned ending of my problems; I did. Maybe the priest is right, maybe he’s wrong but he convinced me at the end of the day into praying for myself, for my own good and for buying a rosary, a book of prayers, some incense sticks and maybe also the coconut.

Ok! I lied about the exam. But that was not really for the priest,  that was for me. To get a clear picture of the marketing strategy I overlooked while it was right there in front of my eyes. I am hoping that you’ve guessed it too.

You’ll see this in temples, church and at every place people go to worship. You’ll see that in hospitals. You’ll see that almost everywhere and it never fails.

The marketing strategy most of the priests and also doctors curb onto is based on “FEAR”!!! Yes! You heard me right. If you read the above conversation assiduously, you’d be able to make out the point I was going to make and why I deliberately lied about the Exam thing.

And if you still don’t get an idea try walking into a hospital or a clinic with a medical complaint say for example acute pain in your left arm. You’ll be advised certain tests and will be informed about certain possibilities most common being a “Heart Attack”. And the moment you hear those two magical words you’ll rush into getting all the tests done, seeing doctors, getting medications, making sure you’re well and alive etc etc etc...

Or try getting caught breaking some traffic rule like drinking n driving and the cop will give you a ticket plus might lock you up for a night until you clear the fine or you might also end up offering/paying him a bribe to avoid unpleasant consequences.

 Or check out the occult practises and black magic tricks many people fall for for getting easy success in career, education, love, marriage, for having kids, business improvement and in almost everything. This is something very dangerous people very easily fall for, wasting lot of money , time and ofcourse mental peace. Try meeting a Baba or some Exorcist claiming he has some spirits in possession that can magically do all your works but you have to pay certain dollars for the magical puja.

 “If you don’t do this, you’ll die.” “If you don’t worship this lord or that lord, you’ll have to face the wraths of the Almighty.”, “ if you do this Black magic trick you’ll succeed.”...  “If you don’t forward that message to 10 people, you’ll have 10 years of bad luck.” .. and once in our lifetime everybody fell for the last one too... lol.. even I did.

OHH MYYY GOD!!!! (Sigh!)...



I am afraid of Bad luck. I am afraid of death. I am scared to fail. Also, I want Good luck, I want long and happy life and I want success even if I know that happiness and sadness, Success and Failure, Good luck and Bad luck are two faces of the same coin. And No life can exist without the two.

I believe in God, I worship him. Prayer gives me inner peace. But I highly doubt that sealing a deal with success or happiness or love by offering some money to the almighty can be done.  And this brings me back to that movie dialogue said by the priest in the movie: “THESE ARE NOT GOD LOVING PEOPLE, THEY ARE GOD FEARING PEOPLE. THEY’LL RE-VISIT US.”

I am sure you also fell for that marketing strategy several times in life, may be in some temple by some priest or Guru ; or sometime in a hospital; or in a Tax office; or into buying some slimming belt or something that could increase your height, reduce your weight or some other similar product; or into forwarding a silly spam to 10 people to avoid that bad luck or into anything and everything that created FEAR.

Thank you for reading my views. I appreciate your time. I would love to hear how this marketing strategy had an effect onto you or how you used it in your business... how it made you buy something, invest into something or even selling something. J