Thursday, June 30, 2016


Short Story by Dr. Prerna Singla

People say “life makes us choose and dear ones help us choose.” But I say at the end of the day it’s “Us” who make the choice.

In that tense environment everybody was standing in a corner of the room and all eyes were filled with fear. Even I was very scared. But more than my life I was scared to lose him. I saw he was the target of their bullet. But it was my brain on High alert.. Some stormy reactions were going on in my mind.  It was directing my body and I had no control over it. Within a snap of moments I felt 3 pebbles colliding with my body and my ears heard the “shot! Shot! Shot!”.  Yes! My body acted out of reflex. The 3 pebbles I felt were actually the 3 bullets. . In those snap of moments my body shifted to stand in the path of the bullets and I was shot.

I don’t know if I felt the pain but definitely felt the jerk as if the wall of a huge mansion was punctured by 3 mini-bombs and the blood was already waiting to escape. But now my brain was more relaxed… relaxed that he was safe. I turned my face to make sure he’s alright. I moved my body close to his in a way that I could whisper in his ear. And I hissed in his ear: “hold me close; use my body as armour and you’ll be safe.” I was no longer scared.

He looked in my eyes. His face was pale with fear, forehead sweaty; eyes were wet as if saying: “I don’t believe you did this for me.”... Yes the very expression of unbelief along with a tinge of relief that he wasn’t hurt. Eloquently He was struggling hard to suppress that feeling of goodness. He held me close so I don’t fall or may be he actually followed my advice.

The next thing I was feeling strongly was my body’s reaction. The first unusual feeling was that of a river flowing out through me. The River of Blood it was. And it left a sarcastic smile on my face. The blood locked in my capillaries was finally set free and it was running like a prisoner out of a prison break. I could feel my heart pumping faster and faster as if struggling to get back the lost blood. And my brain was also acting towards the same. For a moment I felt as if it has lost its control over the limbs, over me as a whole. And after sometime everything was settling down. The aura was getting calm and silence was groveling in. gradually my subconscious was pulling me strongly in a deep sleep.

Yes!! Life does give us choices and at the end of the day its “Us” who choose. A Red Tie or A Blue Tie??? The classy Brown Boots or The Funky Flip-flops??? Science or Commerce??? Marriage or Career??  This time I had to choose between “his life” and “my life”. Ultimately we’re the one sealing a deal with life. In my dream I could see my life as a movie. All the past, all the memories, all the people and all the voices were in HD.

It’s quite amazing to observe how our blood flows through the capillaries all its life… the same route over and over again with no point of escape. And our heart???? Like a machine working monotonously the same way. But The Brain??? Above all, completely different entity… lays at the same place all its life but controls everything in our body from movement to emotions. It is the only thing that can lie at a place and change the whole world and It’s only the brain that thinks a little selfishly just for our own self and that’s how it labels the priorities.

I believe that our choices are always based on our priorities and according to our priorities our brain makes a choice.

But this time I felt that the monotonous machine “my heart” was the one in control. Or should I say that this time my brain’s priority was not me but him. Whatever it was, the choice was made.

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