Thursday, June 30, 2016


Article by Dr. Prerna Singla, 2016

Haryana – The land of battles, has been the witness of battles since ages right from the invasion of Turks and afghans to the battles of Panipat to the Rebellion during British Rule to the famous Battle of Kurukshetra.

 The land, which can rightly be announced as the Land of Battles is on societal basis inhabited with diverse culture and castes, Brahmins, Agarwals, Jains, Jaats, Yadavs, Punjabis, Gujjar, among a few castes that form the majority of castes in Haryana.

The Jaat community, which is traditionally a community of Farmers settled in the Northern regions of India and Pakistan, are classified as Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in 7 states, not including Haryana and Punjab where they enjoy the status of Upper class and have played important roles in the development of the state. [1]

The recent caste revolts in Haryana by the Jaat community has once again coloured the soil of Haryana red and has not only left the entire country in awe but has also affected the relations among people of Haryana. There are dual perspectives people seem to carry. First is of unbelief that the community that is known to have contributed hugely in the development of Haryana, for reservation can burn it down to ashes, the same Haryana in which they live? Second is the smoke of hatred that somehow is ignited in the hearts of Non-Jaats in the state of Haryana that now forms the grounds for stronger feelings of separation of the castes in the society. People have lost trust in the idea of diverse cultures and castes living together. The castes they were befriending, working with, living with, now are looked upon with suspicion and as a threat to their survival.

But the million dollar question that arises is WHY THE COMMUNITY WHO IS ENJOYING AN UPPER CLASS STATUS IN THE STATE, BURNS DOWN IT’S OWN HOUSE TO STEP DOWN TO BEING A BACKWARD CLASS ONLY FOR RESERVATION IN A STATE WHERE THEY ARE THE DOMINANT MAJORITY??? Since the birth of Haryana, out of 10 chief ministers 7 had been Jaats. Not only this, they are the state’s dominant caste groups and enjoying lucrative posts in the states as an Upper caste. Famous as the harsh tongued and aggressive in nature, they are also among the people with a caring heart, primary occupation being farming and leading a simple lifestyle. Is it then not an obvious possibility that either the Jaat community is lead astray into causing such destruction at a mass scale or the community is deficient in capability and intelligence required to secure good jobs and so resorted to such violent ways or maybe some other elements were involved behind such an unfortunate event?

The entire town burnt down and the cops were not able to do anything, the water supply was blocked and the govt. was helpless??? Buses, cars, houses, malls, railway stations, all burnt down and the government became a mute spectator only to end the conflict after so many days by providing the label of Special Backward Class to an otherwise Upper class of the state????  Does it not raise doubts on the third possibility of involvement of external elements???


But before we can muse onto any possibility on the matter we must first understand the reservation system in India. Reservation as we know was a system introduced long before independence when the British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald in Aug. 1933 introduced the communal award granting a few reserved seats for Muslims, Sikhs, Indian Christians, Anglo-Indians, Europeans and Dalits (also known as Untouchables who were among the lowest of castes in the Hierarchy of the Indian Caste system).

Now as we walk towards the later years, the reservation system served to provide educational and social benefits to the castes that were otherwise neglected, and remained undeveloped. For years, the system kept running the same way, reservations being provided to many other castes gradually. And now we have landed to a scenario where every caste feels the need for reservation and a conflict rises between non-reserved clan and the reserved clan as well as between the reserved but flourishing clan and the non reserved but neglected clan.

A person from the general category (Non reserved clan) feels betrayed by the government since he works hard to achieve highest of percentages and excels academically but his talent, hard work goes to waste when a candidate of backward class enjoying good status in the society comes up with the certificate of backward class and takes up the same seat at as low as 33%. The candidate of General category who was rejected even at 98% resort to either starting something on his own and lead his life with struggle or he applies for a job in foreign countries and settles down in those nations to never return back. Such instances of Brain drain are rising daily since now the candidates of general category have started to feel that their talent, their intelligence, their excellence has no worth in their own country and now it is becoming a country that promotes either riots in the name of castes or corruption in the name of caste reservations.

On the other hand, a candidate of backward class feels betrayed by the government that they are not being provided enough jobs, enough opportunities for their caste, for them and so they feel neglected. The long suppressed frustration gets accumulated and someday in the form of caste riots is blurted out burning the very abode that they created. By hook or by crook, deserving or undeserving they want something done for them, for their community and in that political leaders irrespective of their parities never fail to take advantage of the suppressed frustration , suppressed hatred and using witty comments they slowly instil the poison that is carried further by the population itself and give rise to riots.

The similar thing I would say happened during the struggle for Independence. We blame the British government (which was the acting Indian Govt. In that time),  that they caused the partition using divide and rule policy. I wonder, if there never was a division in the hearts, how could they divide the whole country just like that??? Clearly the British only took advantage of what was already present and only aired the flames of the suppressed differences, suppressed hatred resulting into the Partition and the birth of Pakistan. I wonder is India once again going in the same direction???? A huge nation with the huge number of castes, many religions, every state with a diverse culture, diverse language and above all many castes, if the current conditions in the country are carried forward, will they not compel India to fall into as many countries as many states are there at present?  Does any of the Political party think about this?

The third aspect is the aspect of the government. Where in the country the population is increasing at a cancerous rate, securing a job for each and every candidate of each and every caste at a level much below the eligibility on the basis of reservations is becoming difficult day by day since the seats to fill are limited and more of the hungry mouths demanding food, shelter, work, better conditions to live are increasing cancerously. Is it not obvious that any government is bound to fail???? Also, with the advent of so many political parties, each party competes on Hook or crook basis to win the seat and they never hesitate to play the caste/religion card which again has a negative and devouring effect on the Unity of the hearts, Unity of society as well as the Unity of the Nation.

Every caste today wants to cast vote to the candidate of their caste in the hope that he will be benefitted by the same. Every political party plays the caste card to get the votes. But neither does the society achieve anything nor is the government capable of providing efficiently. As the efficiency of the government fails, the government fails automatically and yet struggles to survive by making promises which they will never be able to fulfil.  

So whose fault is this? Who should be responsible for the raging caste revolts in the country??? Should it be the suppressed hatred for other castes? Should it be the silent army? Should it be the intelligence of the intelligent or should it be the inefficiency of the inefficient?? Or should it be the corruption on the certificate of reservation? Or should it be the excuse for not willing to work hard enough to secure good positions?? Or should it be the British? Or should it be the Indian Government and the politics of the political parties???

We all have a habit of blaming because it is the easiest and the most pleasurable thing to do but when asked a remedy for the same no one comes forward with the answer.

I strongly believe that the root cause of the problem is the cancerous population. A cancerous population struggling to survive below the poverty lines resorts to the ways of theft, crime, prostitution, child labour, begging, as alternate ways to earn money or run their living. The wrong paths lead them astray. The ones who start with the right path are mostly left frustrated. The castes, communities that manage to reach a level but still does not either have the facilities or wish to work hard resort to “Jugaad” and  one popular Jugaad in India is “Reservation as a backward class” . With that successful Jugaad they secure good positions and resort to ways of corruption in a desire to earn more money.  The root cause is “Population Sarcoma” and “Resource deficiency” .