Sunday, June 19, 2016


As the army of Satan walks the corridor 
Surreptitiously to reach me on the other side
Flocks of serpents crawling ahead
Messengers of death by my side
And I stand looking each in the eye
And I stand still
For them to be met anon
For relief yet to be willed
As I know, no door opens
No windows to fall off from
I have to be bitten, I will be bitten
By venomous stings there on
Reptiles adorn the concrete walls
And darkness colours the ceiling blood
I still stand still,  I still stand still
As the smell of rot fills like flood
Shall it not be decided soon?
What kills a demon to death?
They say goodness wins it all
Stronger demon to win it’s said.
With each of his sting If the death failed
With each of his sting if I grow poisonous 
Each of the sting that I survive 
Will I be the Queen venomous?
For now I know darkness approaches
And serpents line the alley
Still I stand waiting for demon
In that dark Death Valley.

© Dr. Prerna Singla, 2016. All rights reserved.