Thursday, June 30, 2016


short story by Dr.Prerna Singla 

The phone rang… she reached for the call... It was Eronze.. Her girlfriend.. “Yes I’m nervous, a little bit but I’m fine.. I’ll be ready tomorrow. Bbye.” she said to eronze and this kept her thinking for a while. She took her white satin wedding dress laced with flowers and ribbons.. Felt the very fabric of the same against her silky soft skin.. and then she took a paper from the drawer and an ink pen. She never needed a format to write a letter, never needed a few words of introduction in d beginning.. never needed to write her name whenever she wrote to him. She always started it like a paragraph and this was her unique way.. A unique way which only he can understand- strange, aloof, like a hibernating bear she would disappear & one day suddenly he’d receive some word from her... but because it was her, this unique way was believable.  And she wrote…

The moment I lay my eyes on your smiling face.. my brain stops thinking. All I can feel is the radiated smile of your eyes… lovely shine of your face.. and this alone makes me feel how beautiful life is. I can look at you and keep smiling all my life.

I never needed to talk to you to understand you… your eyes talk to me without you being aware of it. When you’re around, your face, your eyes tell me that you can feel my presence. . And years ago your eyes told me that you never wanted me.

Recently I feel like you covet me… But I know you’ll never say…And I’ll wait for you to say it forever. I always craved for your words, your love but you never gave me even a glimpse of your willing attention.

I can’t understand why despite of all this I fell in love with you and despite of all my efforts you never fall in love with me.

… But now I’m tired of everything… Tired of proving my love to you everyday, tired of making you feel special all the time... tired of expecting your little love, tired of waiting... tired of remaining stagnant on the same stage of life… tired of pretending that I can still carry this rejection with a smile… tired of explaining all this to myself over and over again…

So this is why I’m writing this letter… I wish to end the pain I’m going through because of my feelings. I wish to erase the beautiful scenario I see whenever I close my eyes… you and me…! In love…! and the aura sings to us a beautiful melody.

But when I open my eyes, I’m all alone… I wish to end this loneliness, emptiness and this is not possible if you will stay in my life even as an acquaintance. Your presence won’t let me move forward and join hands with the beautiful future that awaits me. So, it’s very important for my survival to let you go.

I am sending you a token of our friendship, a memory of me you can keep.. and this is to thank you because it was only because of you I changed myself a lot and going to have a golden life today.

This is the last letter I’m writing to you because no more words are required to explain the silence between us. Bye.”

She read the letter one last time, folded the letter neatly, tied it delicately with a ribbon and placed it along with red rose petals in a beautiful black coffee mug with his pictures all over it. She got this prepared exclusively for him. She didn’t sign her name on it, because she knew once he’ll read it, he’ll know it was from her because no one except her did these uniquely beautiful things to make his day special.

Idle she sat on the chair looking at the stars from the window... with each counting star she counted a memory.. at some she smiled, at some a tear chuckled down her cheek.. and with the advancing night she fell asleep.

picture cartoon of the author created via momentscam. 

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