Thursday, June 30, 2016


Short story By Dr. PRERNA SINGLA.

Finally the big day arrived. She woke up with swollen n puffy eyes, something a bride would never prefer on her wedding day.  “Whoa! Your eyes narrate the story of the night”, said Eronze as she entered the room without knocking and with a heap full of bags which she kept on the bed.

“So ready to go bridie??”, she shouted in excitement passing a smile that was warm enough to force Elektra to smile.

Elektra nodded in response as she smiled back at Eronze. With the sadness in her eyes and a lost mind she picked that white dress, tracing the delicate white flowers with her hands and observing it’s design. Holding it against her neck she turned towards the mirror as she looked at Eronze’s reflection in the same.

“Do you think he will come? Do you think he will reply?? Do you think he ever loved me???” , she asked thoughtfully as she looked at Eronze’s reflection from the mirror.

Silently tip-toeing Eronze walked towards her. Very gently she touched Elektra’s shoulder and in a low voice uttered, “He will not come and I doubt if he will reply too. So move on. Brian is a nice guy. Trust me. He will always keep you happy, very happy.”

A weird silence crawled in between them for a few minutes. Eronze went back to unpacking the bags and Elektra stood there gazing at the dress and thinking to herself..” why should Brian suffer?? Why should he be deprived of the love that he deserves? What is his mistake in all this?.”

The day soon caught up with the pace of a busy wedding day. The noises of shoes, kids, and people started filling the hall. “Just a last touch of extra foundation on those puffy eyes will hide it well. The last minute ice pack worked wonders.” Eronze said smiling smugly.

The nervousness of the wedding day was quite visible on Elektra’s innocent face or should I say the anxiety of awaited reply reflected neatly. On one hand where her heart still waited for a reply, on the other hand she was walking the aisle to be married to Brian. Somehow perhaps she knew the facts but just didn’t want to accept, still waiting for the little heart to be broken to it’s last hope.

The ceremony was done. Her face stretched to a smile like a stretched rubber. The elegance and grace in her manners continued till the last of the ceremony and the tiredness from the sleepless night reflected eloquently. Just like always the day ended but this time with a long dead hope and a new life knocking on the door.

She knew he would never reply. She knew because of that letter he simply left forever. She lost him, every bit of him and even their friendship. And now was the time for a new start. It will surely take time for the love to grow, but it should not be reflected so. But anyways, whatever happened somehow happened for the good. Now at least her emotions were free. Detached! Maybe she read the clues wrong. Maybe he never ever loved her, neither for an hour nor for a minute nor for a second. Maybe it was just an unwanted heap of un-necessary emotions that were now off in the waste bin of the heart. His no reply was the loudest reply she had at that hour.

Tired and wanting to have a nap she entered her bedroom waiting for her newly wedded hubby to join in. The room was beautifully decorated and filled with soft fragrance and wedding gifts. She decided to check a few presents by the time Brian joins her.

The wedding theme was Golden & Red, and so all the presents were wrapped in a golden wrapper and tied with red ribbons except for a one little gift box which was wrapped in softer shade of lavender and tied with a silver ribbon. Exactly the same color like the one she sent him. A quick doubt followed by a swift moment of hands secured the box without losing a minute. “Is this sent by him? Was he here? He sent it via someone else or himself came and kept it here?” a million questions popped up in her little head that wore a crown nicely decorated with white roses and elegant hair style.

As she held the pack in her hands, her hands were fragrant as natural musk. The wrapper was certainly perfumed. His favourite perfume it was, she could recognize that amidst a million men. Certainly it was sent by him. She looked for a name card but found none, further confirming her doubt. Now was the time to open it before someone noticed. Quickly without wasting a minute she unwrapped the box. It was just a plain rough box, no velvet no fancy style unlike her box. “How unromantic! Men have no taste no style no romance.”, she uttered to herself. Or maybe that was knowingly done; she wondered.  

The mixed emotions of curiosity, anxiety, vigour and happiness displayed on her face as she opened that monotonous brown unattractive box to find a little yellow rose with a little slip that said,” Congratulations!.. Please keep your letters coming. We can still be friends.”

Now what was that supposed to mean??  This got her confused terribly. He loved her? Or he loved her not? He replied nothing about the love but his words said he wanted her. If he doesn’t love her then why does he want her now? Why even as friends? What is the point? She thought he would leave forever, but he stayed which was quite opposite to her expectations and was now a mind boggling, tiresome job.

Quickly she took out her phone from the drawer of her bedside table and clicked the whole thing and sent to Eronze with “What does that supposed to mean?” message.  

He wants to stay friends with you which is good. He chooses to stay in your life. ”, a quick reply from Eronze.

She kept the phone on the side table too tired to reply Eronze back and switched on the night lamp waiting for Brian and thinking if she should reply him.. Will he be waiting she wondered?? Maybe she will skip replying. Maybe she will reply after a few days she thought as the sleep dominated her senses and she fell asleep for a while....

picture cartoon of the author created via momentscam. 

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