Saturday, July 23, 2016



I may not be a grand personality
But a grand personality you need not to be a human
A grand personality you need not to eat and excrete
A grand personality you need not to be buried under 6 feet
A grand personality you need not to breathe
No matter the label you wear on your neck
You remain a bone cage wrapped in meat
No matter the “BIG NAME” you wear on your collar
You need it not while walking the street
No matter the glitters and glory you rant about
You need them not to tend a wound, for a hungry to feed
What can be used of your “Name”?
You are neither God nor of his creed
A plain human, humble enough, a commoner
In this life, is all you need
A grand personality you need not, to pray
For God works without bribes and greed.

© Dr. PRERNA SINGLA, Mar 2016. Copyrighted by Law. All rights reserved. 
Published in: The Crown of Sekhmet. 

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