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Amidst the middle of the dense forest the darkness reigned even in the brightest of the light and the loneliness was over-powering the mind of Trisha when even after a struggle of many days she could not find the way out of the dense forests of Amazon. No one to talk to, not even a single human seen and the ambience of the forest even though appeared very attracting in the beginning but now had started to scare her.

It was not really the fear of the known, but was the fear of unknown, the fear of being stuck at an abandoned place of the planet alone, fear of dying at such a haunting place, fear of so much more that Trisha could not describe in words but feel and cry. Her tears slipped off the margins of her eyes slowly, her voice sobbing in the undertones. What was the use of crying out loud too? No matter how much she cried there was no one to hear her. It was like being trapped in a huge box with green scenery inside. The trees had started to haunt her too. But the weird nature of the Mother Nature, it scares you and also shelters you.

But somehow Trisha kept moving, tired, lost energy, dehydrated but somehow surviving. And then when after 3 days eating the fallen fruits and the leaves of the plants as if grazing like a cow, her body could not get enough nutrition it collapsed to the state of temporary unconsciousness.

It was either a matter of fate or of luck that by the time she was unconscious, no wild animal crossed that section of the forest, not even snakes. But then she in her temporary state of unconsciousness felt that her body is weightless, as if either floating on water or a sack of air. And it was because it was picked by someone of her species.

Still unable to open her eyes, Trisha lay as is. It was only after a few more hours when Trisha opened her eyes in a series of sudden blinks. As she woke up she found herself in a cave, lying on a bed of collected grass with a bonfire warming the cave forming a cosy set up. Nearby lay a mug with some water in it and a satchel.

Trisha looked around if someone was present there wondering who could have rescued her from the proceeding death of loneliness in an abandoned portion of a huge forest, but she found no one. Very thirsty she extended her hands, picked up the mug and greedily drank the water in the mug without even giving a second thought to the possibility of anything dangerous in it. What could have been worse than death anywhere in the world?? She wondered.

Just then a man with huge black boots entered the cave. He wore a well fitting blue jeans and a white shirt and carried lots of wood branches in his hand as well as a bag. ‘A faulty fashion’ she thought to herself the moment she looked at his attire. His face was still hidden behind the huge bundle of woods. Realising he might not fall; she quickly got up to give him a hand. Her body still ached, but she somehow managed.

“Thank you”, He said.

Trisha smiled in response. Words were rarely shared between the two, mostly because Trisha was not so good at talking and the guy would not even start a conversation.  The guy one by one took out a few things from his bag that he had collected and among them was a few bottles filled with dirty water. On the pile of woods he quickly arranged a setting to boil the water in the mug in such a manner that he could deduce purified water from the process. The process of condensation and distillation as Trisha had known but she watched him silently thinking how she failed at doing this. She had known this, but still it never crossed her mind that she could collect water from any source and purify it.

Right after that as the mug had the boiling water on one side of the bonfire, the other side he roasted a few fishes one by one that he had caught for the day. They smelled lovely and Trisha was very hungry but she lacked the boldness with which she could demand the food. She had no right on the food, and she sat wondering if the man would be polite enough to offer her some.

And the moment he finished the first fish he gestured her to come forward and enjoy the meal. “I am not an expert cook, but I guess that should do.” He said as he handed the stick to Trish on which the dead roasted fish hung.

“Thanks” Trisha replied hesitantly. “Is there anything vegetarian that can be eaten??”

To this he turned to her and replied, “Yes, there is nice vegetarian restaurant around the corner where you can order anything you want.”

Eloquently sarcastic remark it was. Trisha felt bad initially but also realised that she was being too demanding as well as selfless at a place where it was difficult to survive and that she must be thankful to the guy for saving her life. Somehow strengthening her heart and ignoring all the thoughts that came to her mind she closed her eyes partially and ate the fish. To her amazement it was really yummy and by the time she finished he handed her another one. Soon she finished the second fish too. She was so hungry that she had eaten almost a kg of flesh.

Her gaze was glued to the guy whose face shined hot red in the light of bonfire as he noshed the flesh.  With hair styled in a perfect army cut, she estimated that he might be an army personnel well equipped with knowledge and expertise to live in a forest like that. Who else in the world has so many arrangements made in a cage?

“How did you find me?” Trisha asked.

“I was going that way, saw you, picked you, brought here.” He replied in a monotonous tone.

It seemed to her that the guy was generally harsh by nature but otherwise good at heart. His saving her life was a huge debt in itself.

The silence followed for a few more minutes and finally he broke the silence.

“What brings you to forest?” He asked.

“Adventure.” She replied with a smile.

“Foolish” he muttered, to which she chose to keep silent. She was no doubt hurt by the harshness of his words but it was no use arguing a stranger who she doesn’t even know. Survival was the need of the hour and not the arguments.

“What brings you here?” she asked emphasising on ‘You’ but to her dismay her question was returned unanswered. By now she had understood that this was the guy she would never want to stay with. Never ever. But until she is well enough to carry on her own and find a out, she must stick with him and use him to find a way out.

“Can you tell me the way out?” Trisha asked again while he kept busy enjoying his meal and collecting purified water.

“There” he gestured pointing towards the open end of the cave.

‘This guy is filled with sarcasm. Dog.’ She thought to herself.

Soon after he was done eating, he collected all the remains and added them to the burning bonfire.
“Are you mad? What are you doing?”  She said with her words more like a revenge for her bruised ego.

“Saving you from Bear hugs.” He replied without even bothering to look at her.

Again the insulting sarcasm now had started to make her feel bad and worse because her presence, her beauty had no effect on him. She had met so many guys who had been crazy about her beauty but this guy never even looked at her twice.

‘Is he married? Is he gay?’ she wondered...  thinking to herself, the insecurity had started to get her anxious about her own personality ... “I am not appealing enough?” she thought.

‘It has now become a matter of a girl’s self respect to be appealing to a guy.’ She thought to herself determined to make a mark of her personality on his mind before she could go her way. The entire thing would serve two purposes; she would find her way out and also find a way in his heart only to leave one day soon. She wanted him to feel as bad as she was feeling by his rough behaviour.

Was it bruised ego or over sensitivity?? Even Trish had no clue.

Sitting like a silent stone in a corner of the cave she sat thinking all these things while he started unbuttoning his shirt on the other corner of the cave that caught her gaze. A well sculpted torso with each muscle shining like leather, he was a marvellous piece to look at. Maybe that is why he had big ego.  

Songs of passion and hatred rang in her ears as she watching him undress partially. Grave silence the ambience had on its lips, the only noise was the burning of the wood, while the silent passion burnt in her heart.

The moment he turned around and met his gaze to hers, she blinked close her eyes pretending the mannerisms that one must have. He understood, but replied nothing. A strange nervousness he could hear in her long breaths.

“Don’t worry; you are safe here, from animals as well as from me. I am not the kind of guy.” He said as he seated himself on the bed of grass. She slowly opened her eyes to look at him but said nothing. Where was their silence headed? Was it headed towards being comfortable in each other’s presence?? It was probably the first time ever he had talked a little okay.

The glaze of the burning fire shined in her sleepless eyes as she kept looking at her which can be mostly perceive as staring than looking. He in an uncaring manner went off to sleeping on his cosy grass bed and also reflecting that in his mannerisms. A guy would, out of courtesy, offer the best bed to the lady first. The best bed it can be said in a jungle setting, better than sleeping on the rock which Trisha had to that night, but that never offended her. She was now being used to the harshness in his nature. Since after she had woken up, anything she had witnessed about the guy was his harshness and nothing else. Who was he after all and what makes him so harsh? What makes him live in the jungle in a cave in a home setting???

"A desperate woman does a better research than a jealous woman”, she uttered to herself and quickly in a snap without making noise she fetched the satchel that she had seen that very day. Hopeful of finding some information, she unbuckled the flap of the satchel. Who uses a traditional type of bag in this modern age? Things about this man were highly contradictory. His attire was ultra modern and his ways were extra primitive.

One by one she took out the things from the satchel, herbs, stones, and a pair of clothes, a wind cheater, a knife, and a bottle that looked more like a solid bodied water bottle she used to carry to school when she was a child. No pictures were found, no other information. The exercise was a waste, now the only information she could have was directly from him.

Anyhow, too tired to be very energetic she placed all the things back to the satchel, slowly and silently tiptoed to the grass bed and laid herself right next to him. She knew that a contact to a woman’s body can drive any man crazy, that too as beautiful as she was. It was impossible to believe that she had no impact on him.

The morning followed and the cave was much illuminated by the morning day light that woke him up. As he blinked open his eyes he found himself wrapped in the arms of Trisha. The feel of her long fingers and beautiful nails on his bare body had started to initiate strong attraction in him, but at no cost can he cross the line with her. It was not that she was not attractive, but that his mission, his goals would forfeit if fell for the charms of the woman and that could be a trap too. Who knows?

Anyhow he moved out of the bed, and left the cave. The bon fire had also reduced to ashes by then. A few minutes later Trisha also woke up. Not finding him anywhere inside the cave she wondered if he had left, since the satchel was also absent. Guilty that she had committed a mistake, she decided to move out and search for him. It was important for her to search him out if she wanted to find a way out.

Heading out, searching and searching, here and there, she soon reached a waterfall that was more than a serene beauty in a forest and there he was, drenched in the serene inviting waters of the waterfall, having a shower in the natural falls. He could be the most adventurous creature to live with. Silently she peeked from behind the trunk of a tree enjoying the scene and a naughty thought crawled into her mischievous mind. She took the satchel off while camouflaging herself behind the trees and hid it behind the bushes.

And just after that she stepped into the coldest waters she had ever imagined. It just heightened the oxytocin rush into her.

“What are you doing?” he asked annoyed.

“Only freshening up... Under the falling waters.... with you...” she said smiling.

His forehead wrinkled into utter annoyance.

“Don’t be mad. Your desperation has controlled the little senses that you somehow have.” He said angrily but Trish was still unmoved.

“Yes. You read me right. Now that my desperation is ruling me, let it.” Saying she started to unbutton her soggy white shirt through which was shining her sculpt body. And just then a strong wave struck her and she slipped in the waters.

Instantly he reached up for her and held her in his arms. Taking advantage of the time she glued her body to his. It was really getting difficult for him to control himself. He wished he could take her right there right then but a little mistake could land them both in trouble. Holding her like a huge monkey holding its child he moved out of the water but she was still unconscious. Guilty for being so harsh with her, he gently laid her on the boundary of stones.  Sceptical if he should give her the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation he finally decided to go ahead with it. Gently he met his lips with hers; closing her nostrils he pumped in the breath into her.  Each time he did that, each time water expelled off her lungs, the manoeuvre followed by thumping her chest to regain breath and heart beats.

One more time and she grabbed him suddenly and passionately kissed him. Flabbergasted he moved away but not to leave, the fire of passion had flamed and they made passionate love right there, under the vast sky by the side of the waterfall. She returned him the satchel and he carried her to his cave where they made love the entire day, entire night to wake up bare, glued together the other day. 

There was no fear of the world in that forest, no need for privacy too. She felt happy and her deserted desires seemed to be complete with the adventures of the Jungle. They ate whatever he caught from the waterfall earlier that day. The life seemed beautiful as she lay on the grass bed thinking if she could spend her life with this man, even if in the jungle, it would be like living in the dreamland.

“My name is Paul. I am a common man turned anti-national.” He said taking out the pistol from a concealed hole in the cave.

“Anti-National??? What do you mean by anti-national?? Are you a.... “Trisha could not believe her ears; her dreamland was suddenly knocked with horror.

“Terrorist!” He said pointing the gun at her and all that the jungle heard was a BANG!

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