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"The Floating Stonesis a collection of 57 poems written by Tanni Bose. The poems variedly present a rainbow of thoughts by way of scenarios and stories that are both heart touching and mindfully profound.

In her poetry poet expresses the essence of death by way of leaves, Essence of beauty by way of Sculpture carved in Marble, Faith in the smoke from burning incense, Opponent in the fear she fights with, the universal fact of impermanence in the dying Gulmohar... She has beautifully used nature to express her thoughts.

In the poem “Dry Leaves”, poet expresses the dying of a leaf when it goes through the last phases of its life and metaphorically using the same, she expresses that she would like to die a death with which even the traces of her disappear rather than a life that is lived in sadness and pain.

Her poem “The Artist” presents a beautiful thought carved into a poetic story saying that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. It is a soul that is more beautiful than the external appearance. It is the nature that is more attractive than a pretty face... and when met with a marvel like that, the world wonders who carved the beauty of it.

Rating: 3.7/5

Verses that touched me:

Days and months pass, the mind covers ages
He takes refuge in the Lord and now his thought changes. (The Refugee)

Fear, be fearful of me
I will capture your pride and steed. (Dauntless fear)

They want to abide by your side
But land up with my company beside
So, I am the winner and ever will be
Since they say, “I am the world and the world is me.”

Trivial is dust to our minds
We don’t count on them (Dust)



Mrs. Tanni Bose works as an educator in Aravali International School, Faridabad now. She was an English Teacher at Tendruk Higher Secondary School of the Royal Government of Bhutan hails from Kolkata, West Bengal. She was born and brought up in the steel city of Rourkela, since her father was a SAIL employee there.

FloatingStones” is her second work of poems, ringing the inescapable paradox of existential pulls and pushes. The poetess here is swayed by multiple senses and sensibilities, reflected in these poems.
Her third Book “The Molested Clay” is also ready for printing. 

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