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The bouquet of emotions is an interesting blend of various themes. As I opened the book, I came across poems for the Author's mother. The language in which the Poet expressed his feelings is very simple and soft and easily understandable. I could resonate with the poems written for the mother. They took me back, in my childhood and for those moments I re-lived the memories of my mother.

The very first poem comes to me as a warm loving ode to the mother and the gratitude for an unconditional love. While the second poem 'Missing her' expresses the pain and longing for the mother. It perfectly portrays an emotion a child could express for his/her lost mother. A similar expression I had made as a child when I wrote 'there can be no other, like a mother'.. A mother is compassionate and forgiving and always appreciated her child even if they commit mistakes. A mother is a divine creation of God.

Then I come to Section 2, where a larger aspect of Mother is written about - The mother nature. The Poet has in his first creation expressed the beauty of mother nature. The tall mountains and the deep oceans, the blue skies and the green earths, flowers are bright n fruits are sweet... So much to live for, so much to explore and so much we still desire for. In this write poet has tried to explain the fact that we have so much to live for yet we run after materialistic gains, life is so beautiful yet we fight around with our loved ones. In the poem 'Mother Earth' and 'Aftermath...' the Poet expressed how the Mother Earth weeps on its losses and continues to provide for us lovingly, how the human is ending his own race for greed and destroying nature that needs conservation, else some day we will face scarcity of natural resources which are important for living and that will mark the ending of Human species.

Section 3 is about feelings of love. From Motherly love , the theme now turns to other forms of love. In this section, poet uses nature to express feelings of love. 'Always yours' is a very sweet poem comparing the beauty and nature of the poet's beloved with the beautiful nature and a promise of love to stay together always.

In 'feeling sad', the Poet expresses his longing for his beloved and hopes to meet her sometime again and then to stay together, forever.

Section 4 : He is the man. In this section the Poet describes himself as the one who is engrossed in imagination and the beauty of the world and then the ink of his pen spills beautiful colours of poetry.

In 'wishes...' , poet expresses that when a person's strength is laced with fears and doubts, his million wishes remain unfulfilled because the fear never imparts him the courage to accomplish anything in life. This is indeed my favourite write. Very simply it gives an inspiring message to mankind.

Section 5: This is home. The first thing I see is a beautiful picture of Magic Lamp. The beautiful graphics make it more like a beautiful book of poetic stories I am reading. This is section expresses Earth as our home and fellow humans our brothers and sisters and the ways we are hurting each other for petty gains. It also portrays different aspects of life like happiness, celebration; unwanted girl child, Sibling love, sweet delights of childhood and also the very nature of time. 

In 'unwanted girl', the Poet very gently gives a strong message that girls are a Beautiful gifts of God and should not be killed.

Section 6 deals with poems on life. In 'colours of life's poet very beautifully yet very simply expresses that life is nothing but various colours blending together, the colours of happiness and sadnesses, the colours of success and fail, the colours of love, the colours of life and death.. but we should at all times try to live the most out of it.

In section 7 of short poems, in 'Time in few lines' , the Poet very beautifully says that time is both lovely and tough but if not walked together, it slips off in a blink of an eye.

Via his poems, poet wants to convey that each man is born free and equal and must be equally honoured. Life is beautiful and must always be lived the Best and the relations must be nurtured with unconditional and selfless love and above all the Mother Earth, should be cared for and not destroyed and that every being should live in harmony with every other being of nature.

I also like the interior designing of the book. The picture of cage and the birds, add art and beauty to the poems. An artistically beautiful presentation I would say. The outer cover is nice, but compared to the themes, it could have been better.

Rating : 4.2 / 5

My favourite verses:

Remembering Mummy:
You are the one Mummy, only you are,
Nurturer and nectar of my life.

World is beautiful:
People are different, but bloods are red,
Made up of flesh and ideas fresh,
Living under the same roof, yet we often mess!

Mother Earth:
Mother is weeping, loud and clear
For her sons & daughters, lost forever.

Always yours...
Life is a beautiful mystery,
We have just started to unravel.

Like two bodies & one heart,
It's time to beat as one.
Like two bodies & one soul,
Let's be together as one.

A child's promise...
Sleep fairy stays miles away,
Far beyond the reach of my open arms,
So I count the sheep from the neighbour's farms.

He writes music to which thoughts dance,
He is none other than a poet.

One door shuts, but hundreds remain,
Man has to choose which door to open.
Blind you may be in your passion,
But Man is often blind in his obsession.

Hope shall keep the mankind alive

Living again...
Inspire me, don't just follow me,
For I no longer lead any of you.

Colours of life...
How is my life?
Nothing but a colourful wrapper.

Horror & terror of war,
Has kept the peace so far.

Slip away often from hand,
Like grains of fine sand...

Being young..
When all of us are kind and truthful
Then life too becomes beautiful.



Subhrajyoti Parida is a graduate in Mechanical Engg. from Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Odisha and holds a Post Graduate degree in Industrial Engg. from National Institute of Industrial Engg. (NITIE), Mumbai, specializing in Supply Chain & Operations Management and is an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). Currently, he is employed in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and residing in Bangalore. He basically hails from the temple city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

When not managing supply chain, he loves spending time in poetry, photography, traveling, and of course, spending quality time with his sweet wife & his family.



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